Ceramic Jar Candles
Ceramic Jar Candles
Ceramic Jar Candles
Ceramic Jar Candles
Ceramic Jar Candles
Ceramic Jar Candles
Ceramic Jar Candles
Ceramic Jar Candles

Ceramic Jar Candles

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Burn time min 50hrs

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COCONUT AND LIME NO.10 - Tropical Coconut, West Indies Lime and Verbena with a hint of Lemon Zest.  

TUSCAN PEAR NO.11 - Juicy ripe Pear with hints of Bergamot, Lemon Peel,  Orchard Apples, Jasmine, and Lily of the valley. 

MELOGRANO NO.12 Fresh juicy Pomegranate with Mango with notes of Jasmine, Citrus and Amber.

GOJI ARANCIA NO.14 - Blood Orange with sweet Goji Berries, Blackcurrant, Grape, Lime and Grapefruit.

ROSSO NO.15 - Ripe Strawberries and Raspberries with notes of Vanilla Bean.

GIALLO NO.16 - Japanese Honeysuckle with notes of Mandarin, Grape and Neroli.

PURE ROSE NO.18 -The exquisite aroma of freshly cut roses in the morning.

SALTED CARAMEL NO.20 - Buttery top notes with a hint of saltiness. Combined with Vanilla, Coconut and Cream.

ESPRESSO NO.21 - Dark roasted Coffee Beans with chocolate notes.

BRULEE NO.22 - Traditional base of Vanilla Custard with a hint of Caramelised sugar, just don’t eat it.

CARAMELLO NO.24 - A rich blend of caramel and vanilla with a touch of spice.

FUSIONS: AMBER NO.30, MUSK NO.31, VANILLA NO.32 - Designed to compliment the candle range.  By lighting more than one fragrance at the same time you create your own unique fragrance.

LINEN NO.40 - The fragrance of fresh linen blowing in the summer breeze.

PUMPKIN SPICE -Pumpkin and caramel, ginger, nutmeg, vanilla with buttery top notes .

HOLLY BERRY - Wooded flavoured Rose, with Pine overtones perfect Christmas holiday fragrance.

GINGERBREAD - Ginger Biscuits baking in the oven, Vanilla frosting and  Cinnamon.

*Our Pumpkin Spice, Holly Berry and Gingerbread comes in Marble and White Embossed Jars only.

*Wrapping Paper selection, leave a note at checkout. 

* small white dots (top left)

* large black dots (top middle)

* pink floral (top right)

* brown Kraft (bottom left)

* Monstera (bottom middle)

* Christmas trees (bottom right)